Andhra Chamber

Andhra Chamber

Andhra Chamber

The Chamber during its 87 years of service to trade and industry has consistently striven its best to promote the trade, commerce and industry of South India in particular and India in general.

Though the Chamber is styled “Andhra Chamber”, it has never regarded itself as an organization servicing exclusively any regional interest or linguistic group. The Chamber has today over 1700 Members and over 60 Affiliated Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Trade Associations. Though the Membership is largely drawn from the States of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu the fact that the Chamber draws its Members from nearby Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry and far away Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal is a striking proof of the vision that has inspired those in charge of the Chamber all these years. Since the motto of the Chamber is “Progress through Commerce and Industry” the Chamber has always sought the progress of the industrial and business community.


Services offered by Andhra Chamber of Commerce


To update the knowledge and skill of the Members and their Executives. Training programmes Seminars, Workshops, Symposia and or Executive Development Programmes are organised periodically on Central Excise, Customs, Labour, Sales Tax, Export Marketing, Export Documentation, Direct Taxes, Business Administration and Business Correspondence among others. Though these programmes are open to Members and non-Members alike, participants sponsored by Members would be eligible for a concession in participation fee.



Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College, Avadi, Chennai 600 062  AND Andhra Chamber of Commerce, Chennai 600 035

Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College, Avadi intends to promote “INDUSTRY INTEGRATED LEARNING” and also enable the students to obtain better practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of Commerce. They agree to establish a programme of Academic co- operation in areas of mutual interest and in accordance with the terms and conditions said forth in the MOU.

The Objectives of the programme are as follows

  • To develop the conceptual and practical skills of the Commerce Graduate / Post Graduate students.
  • To expose them to the area of application of knowledge in Business Firms and Industrial Organizations.
  • To enable the students to become self-dependent and easily employable.
  • To provide Internship to students.
  • To jointly organize short-term continuing education programs on topics of Mutual Interest.
  • To co-organize Seminars in pertinent areas of mutual interest


Date & Time : 5.00 P.M. on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Venue: Chamber’s Conference Hall

“Velagapudi Ramakrishna Bldg.” 23, Third Cross Street,

West CIT Nagar, Nandanam, Chennai-600 035.

Speakers : SHRI M.R. VENKATESH, F.C.A.,

Chartered Accountant and Economist

— on Economic Overview of the Budget


Advocate & Consultant on Direct Taxes

— on Direct Taxes Proposals


Advocate & Consultant on Indirect Taxes

— on Indirect Taxes



Sl. No Name Designation Institutions
1 G. Sankaranarayanan Assistant Professor of Commerce Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College Chennai
2 S. D. Nirmal III B Com Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College Chennai
3 M. Krishnachander III B Com Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College Chennai
4 J. Rajashree III B Com Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College Chennai
5 M. Gayathri III B Com Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College Chennai


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