We have Alumni forum which consists more number of our former students of the College. Every year we have Alumni meet for both UG and PG students on 15th of August. The rendezvous comprises with our respected Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Chair persons of the Management, revered Principal, Vice-Principal and our Staff members.

After initiation of the function Special address will be given by the Chairperson of the Management then we have a separate session for Alumni to interact the past and present status of the College. Senior Alumnus would chair with the Dignitaries in the meet. All the Alumni would be given awards and prizes. Most of our Alumni have got placed in many companies which have been highlighted and they are greeted by all.

Alumni’s suggestions and opinions have been recorded and immediately implemented by our Chairman for the betterment of present and future students of the College. We are exposing Alumni interactions to our students to get better exposure through their profile.






S.No. Name of the Alumnus Photos Quotes of the Alumnus





Mrs. V. Shalini (VA115)

B.Sc (2003-2006)


 a1 “Though I studied in Tamil medium, by the guidance of our Teachers we could learn English language and skills effectively. The way Festivals have been celebrated in our college is Extraordinary and we encourage this meet because we are able to meet and share all our beloved Teachers and Friends”





VA 1195

B.Sc ( 2012-2015)

 a2 “I am very proud to be an Alumnus of our college. When I pursue the degree I find difficult to follow the protocol of the college but I realized that the Institution prepared us to meet the demands of Professional sectors”




(VA 114)

B.Sc (2003 -2006)

 alumni3 “I love my Teachers and the environment of our college because where I learnt how to live in Life. It imparts how one should elevate to better position from poverty” Thanks a lot!



Mr.Lakshmi Narayana

VAI 10

M.Sc (IT)


 alumni4 “Now I am working in TCS because of Veltech which helps me to build myself and my career with great confidence”.




VAM 182

MBA ( 2004-2006)

 a5 “I am happy to stand here to share my thoughts. It is must to say that I am a first graduate in my family and I have placed in a campus drive held at our college. I thank the management for giving these kinds of opportunities to the students which will be the light in their life.”




VA 1145

BBA (2011 – 2014)

 a6 “I am really thankful to my college and Professors. I can say my teachers are our inspiration. Through their motivation and valuable advises regarding academics I have achieved and learned a lot. On the whole, I adore my staff and the college.”



Mr.Maxwell Richard

VA 1144

BBA (2011 – 2014)

 a7 “When I entered into this Institution I fed up with the rules and regulations of the college and especially on dress code later I adopted it. Now I am really proud to say that I am a student of Veltech because it is not only gives us Education but it taught us the behaviours which helps me to shine at my working place”.




VA 1228

Bsc (2012 -2015)


“I enjoyed a lot When I was a student in Veltech Arts college. Though I hate the rules and regulations imposed on us, later only I acknowledged that the Management and Staff members have been curving us to tailor the demands of the present world.”





Ms.Swathi Poonthalir

VA 1323

BCom (2012 -2015)

 a9 “I could not forget the pleasurable memories of our college. Every thing in the college is lovable and admirable because during my study I did not think about job but before I get my convocation I was given the job opportunity through our college placement, then only I realize the virtue of Veltech. I wish to remain grateful to the Management and our Teachers”.





H. Divyaa

(VAM 990)

MBA (2012 – 2014)

 a10 “We have enjoyed a lot not only in studies alone, extracurricular activities like cultural, Pongal festivals and Indoor games. I learned many things from our faculty. Now I am a teacher because of the strategy I was given in Veltech. The college having good environment and it gave us peaceful mind which makes me studious. Equal opportunity is given to all which is appraisable. At last I am thankful to the Management and Staff members”.