We are extremely happy to establish Master of Commerce (M.Com.) in this academic year (2016-2017). The department comprises eminent professors and well experienced faculty members. The vision of our department is to educate the students to make them research oriented, highly qualified and enhance the potentialities of the students to employee in various sectors. Besides we have well equipped library which includes volume of books, national and international journals with easy accessibility. The everyday use of commerce and display of information by means of budgets or income and expenditure schedules are essential in today’s business world. These are the elementary aspects of commerce. M. Com is widely accessed, but often in an unseen and unadvertised way.


  • To know the business strategy of the world.
  • To extend intellectual approach in commerce.
  • To analyze and access stock exchange markets.
  • To encourage the research attitude among students.
  • To get better opportunity in this competitive world.
  • To motivate and improve various competency.
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