In our Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College, we are providing scholarship for our students, which is given by the state and centeral aided funds.


  • To support the students economically
  • To improve the education of weaker section of the society
  • To motivate the students to achieve better education
  • To acknowledge the talents of the students who do not have sufficient economical background.

We have been giving scholarship since the inception and the following table contains the beneficiaries of our college.

Sl. No. Year Amount Total Number of beneficiaries
1 2012-13 2,22,200.00 54
2 2013-14 7,01,250.00 42
3 2014-15 4,73,050.00 43
4 2015-16 2,73,250.00 36*

Note : Current year 2015-16 awaiting for amounts.

Scholarship Officer :
 Ms.K.Uma Devi 
Assistant Professor
Department of B.COM

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