Attendance Cell

Attendance Cell

To keep track of students’ attendance and to ascertain whether there is any correlation between their attendance and performance and if so, to what degree.

Attendance Activity

To encourage consistent attendance, Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College, has adopted the following policy:

If parents or guardians are aware of the absence and a written excuse is provided (other than College sponsored activities). A second contact with the student’s home will be made when a student has missed six (6) class periods; and a further notice will be issued when a student has been absent for twelve (12) class periods. The student will also be interviewed by a Principal, and referred to a guidance counsellor when s/he has missed ten (12) classes.

When a student has missed eighteen class periods, vice Principal will inform the student that he/ she must appear before the Attendance Committee and explains his/her absences. Parents/Guardians will be invited to the Attendance Committee hearing also. The committee will decide whether that student be allowed to continue attending classes or be suspended in the semester.

Students must consider the effect on their attendance of participation in such activities as sports, drama, and other extra-curricular interests. Such absences will be counted. Furthermore, students should not be allowed to leave a class in one subject to perform a task related to another subject. Students are also expected to be punctual, and to be in their classrooms before the final bell.

Role of Attendance Committee:-

Objective: To maintain and display proper attendance records of students.

  • The attendance periods for a semester shall be prepared in advance.
  • The subject teachers shall be intimated as to when and to whom the attendance sheets are to be submitted.
  • The attendance list shall be displayed within two days of receiving the attendance sheet.
  • One copy of the same shall be handed over to the respective class coordinator.
  • Attendance cell collects attendance of students, consolidates it and publishes it every month to ensure that students tightly follow the stipulations of the University and bag their credits.
  • The maintenance of attendance manual as well as systematic records.
  • The preparation of category wise attendance percentage and send to university prior to the notification date.
  • The maintenance of student database for every semester.
  • Preparation of undertaking form and maintaining it.
  • Making proper entry for Admission card, ID card and Fees paid list.

The Faculty Role

  • Attendance must be taken for each lecture/practical preferably at the beginning of each lecture/practical.
  • Faculty may grant attendance to a student up to 10 minutes late for the first instructional hour of the day. However, faculty may also exercise their own discretion for permitting any latecomer to enter the class by giving/withholding attendance. In case of practical/workshop, attendance shall be given for the subsequent hour.
  • Absence shall be indicated by ‘A’. For every hour the student is present, attendance is marked cumulatively. (Eg.  1-2-3-A-4-5…).
  • Submit the duly filled in attendance sheet at the end of each attendance period to the assigned.
  • After the display of the defaulters’ lists, in case of any discrepancies, verify the same and rectify if necessary within two days of display through ‘FORM’ brought by the student.
  • Encouraging students by providing OD to them for participating in college competitions like seminar, workshop, cultural, sports, etc.,

Role of Class Coordinator:

  • To announce defaulters’  names  in  the  classroom  and  collect  their signatures as well as the class representatives.
  • To meet guardians of students defaulting in more than 50% of heads. Explain the importance of attendance and other college activities and collect the undertaking form.
  • To make regular contact with parents regarding the absence of students.
  • To maintain the absent list everyday.
  • To maintain the record of parents meet.

Attendance Cell Coordinators

Mr.V.Vadivelu  , 

Controller of Attendance

Assistant Professor,Department of UG.


Assistant COA

Assistant Professor,  Department of UG.

D. VIJAYALAKSHMI – Clerical Assistant

J. SUBATHRA- Attender

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